Saturday, June 19, 2010

Richmond Virginia Zero Energy Home Progress & Appearance

It seems time to show how far the house has progressed and at the same time illustrate that a ZEH does not have to look unconventional. Placing the Schuco PV panels on the back of the south slanted garage roof aided in this outcome, as they are nearly unnoticeable from the street. I would add that the unusual ceiling planes of the pictured great room have caused Mark, our builder, a lot of thought in terms of where to set the boundary for the conditioned space, how to keep the HVAC ducting in those confines, and where to use loose cellulose versus spray foam insulation. It is becoming increasingly apparent how challenging it is to take the basic principles of a ZEH and translate them into a workable application.


  1. From the pictures it seems to be like that this type of home may consume less amount of emery and that can be insulted home.

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