Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wow.. it's going to really happen!!

Seeing the cleared lot offered a stark example of the application of the theory of unintended consequences combined with the principle of compromise. We knew that to get adequate solar exposure to our PV array mounted on the garage roof, that we would need to take most of the trees down. We positioned the array on the lot to maximize solar exposure, but it still required that we clear most of the mature oaks that might have otherwise been spared. That left us with a rather bleak picture, and took most of our privacy away. We took heart in the knowledge that Mark, our builder, had recycled all of the cut wood to the lumber mill, for mulch, pulpwood and lumber. I believe that is part of the EarthCraft building guidelines. In looking at the back of the cleared lot, and thinking of how to gain some privacy without creating problem shading, I realized that in the future there may be a place for solar-sensitive landscape design (ie. now what can I plant back there that will provide cover and not grow more than about 15 feet high?).

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